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Program Development & Evaluation



"Program Development & Evaluation” is the first in a series of trainings dealing with the development and evaluation of public health programs. This training will walk you through the basic steps of program development, including identifying the problem, planning, implementing and evaluating the program. The latter part of the training explores both formative and summative evaluation, and why these components are so critical to the process.


  • Recognize how evaluation fits within the program development process.
  • List three reasons why public health program evaluations are important.
  • Explain the difference between formative and summative program evaluations.
  • Describe at least five aspects of a public health program that can be measured.
  • Identify at least two factors external to a public health program that may affect its evaluation.

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On this date in 2011, a law went into effect banning smoking in most public and private places. Although it did not outlaw smoking inside of homes, it did allow people to file greivances about secondhand smoke from homes.

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