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GIS and Public Health

If you are employed by NYS or a local health department in NYS, you may register for these videos through the NYS Department of Health Learning Management System (DOH LMS). Get more information on accessing to ESPHTC courses through the NYS DOH LMS.

9th Annual GIS Day: GIS and Public Health Surveillance

Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and Toolkit
(Time: 26:12)
SaTScan and a Space-Time Permutation Scan Statistic for the Detection of Gastrointestinal Disease Outbreaks
(Time: 33:24)
Storm Surge: Use of GIS in Hurricane Evacuation Planning and Evacuation Decision Making
(Time: 43:51)

1st Annual Western New York Health Geography and Geographic Information System (GIS) Day

1st Annual Western New York Health Geography and Geographic Information System (GIS) Day: Why Geography Matters for a Healthy Western New York

8th Annual GIS and Public Health Day

GIS and Public Health
Public Participatory Geographic Information Systems: Empowering the Public and Communities with GIS Technology,
(Time: 34:02)
Open Street Map and Public Interest Mapping,
(Time: 18:55)
HealthMap and Participatory Epidemiology: Engaging the Public in Epidemic Surveillance,
(Time: 1:04:10)
It's Personal: Volunteered Geographic Information in Public Health,
(Time: 35:38)
A Healthier and Engaged Public through Public Participation GIS,
(Time: 43:44)
Tracking Invasive Species in New York with Volunteers and Professionals,
(Time: 14:13)

7th Annual GIS and Public Health Day

7th Annual GIS Day Handouts
Collection of papers for the University at Albany GIS Days, 2007-present.
Dynamic GIS during Public Health Emergencies
(Time: 32:43)
Effects of Material and Relational Deprivation on Community Health Status
(Time: 27:11)
Creating Community Health Indicators Using Spatial Smoothing, Aggregation and Masking
(Time: 48:28)
An Adolescent Sexual Health Community Needs Index: Solutions from Merging Spatial Statistics with GIS
(Time: 48:30)
Global Geographies of Environmental Injustice and Health: Using GIS to Estimate Populations at Risk
(Time: 46:37)
All Public Health is Local: The Community Perspective on GIS and Public Health
(Time: 48:30)

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