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Human Tick-borne Disease in New York State and the Capital Region
An Update on Epidemiology, Presentation, Diagnosis, and Treatment: An Emphasis on Anaplasmosis

To be eligible for continuing education credit you must view all seven modules and complete the evaluation and post-test. For more information about continuing education credit for this program, visit the Center for Public Health Continuing Education website.

I. Welcome (02:01)
II. Overview, Introduction to Tick-borne Disease, and Update on Epidemiology (10:59)
III. Anaplasmosis: Clinical Features, Diagnostics, and Treatment (9:34)
IV. Lyme Disease: Clinical Features, Diagnostics and Treatment (12:02)
V. Babesiosis: Clinical Features, Diagnostics and Treatment (3:40)
VI. Anaplasmosis Case Presentations & Summary of Capital Region Experience (10:55)
VII. Patient Testimonial: Anaplasmosis (10:41)


Vector Diseases & Control (02:17:49)
Zoonosis (02:14:18)

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